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Reiki I (first Degree) healing course

Reiki II (second degree) healing course

Reiki III (masters & teachers degree) healing course

Reiki Share

Crystal healing workshop

Animal healing & communication workshop

Herbal Wisdom Workshops: 

  • Planting your own herbal healing garden for healings, gatherings, crafting, ceremony
  • Handcraft your own smudge sticks, herbal smudge feathers, incense & prayer ties
  • Moon gardening, inviting in the fae
  • Infusions/herbal teas/tisanies, honeys, syrups, sugar, butters

Beginners Tarot course

Beginners Palmistry course


Reiki I (First Degree) Healing Workshop

Saturday 26th May 2018

Cost £215

(this price is for the Reiki I workshop + 6 Reiki share evenings)

This is for the Reiki I Workshop + 6 Reiki Share Evenings.
Reiki I is about self healing and being able to heal family and friends.
It is a Reiki tradition, to heal yourself before you heal others. When you have troden the path yourself, you can truly empathise with others.
Reiki I will introduce you to the wonderful natural gift of healing, using the universal energy, through your hands.
The workshop is held over 1 day and you will learn:
About Reiki energy, how it works and can be used
The history of Reiki - which holds many valuable life's lessons
Reiki principles & how to use them in everyday life
How to enhance your own life with Reiki
How to give a full Reiki treatment to yourself, family and friends
The basic chakra system, aura and meridians
You will also take part in a channelled healing Reiki I meditation and initiation into Reiki I energy.
The Reiki I days are always very special and during the day you will be encouraged to practice self healing and healing on others.

A certificate & manual are given

Cost: £215 which includes the Reiki I workshop + 6 Reiki monthly evening shares.

The Reiki Shares are held on the first Tuesday of each month starting at 7.30pm, for further Reiki teachings and practice of the Reiki energy. Time to receive healing for yourself, practice healing others, question and answer time, enjoy other channelled healing meditations specific for the group, plus more Reiki teachings.
After this time I will be more than happy to teach you the next level - Reiki II.

To book a place: https://lorrainetricksey.com/shop/workshopscourses/product-1/

Facebook page: Lorraine Tricksey - Medium, Healer and Spiritual Teacher


 Reiki II (second degree) healing course 

Reiki II enables you to become a Reiki practitioner

Saturday 4th August 2018

10.30 to 4.30pm 

Cost £240

(this price is for the Reiki II workshop + 6 Reiki share evenings) 


Cost £240 - (this price is for the Reiki II workshop + 6 monthly Reiki shares) to help you with further Reiki teachings and practice of the Reiki energy and a time to receive healing yourself and also deal with any questions you may have, you will also be taken through a full healing meditation. These are held on the first Tuesday of every month. During this time, if it is your aim, I will also work with you and help you prepare so you will be ready to take your Reiki Master & teaching degree.  After this time I will be more than happy to teach you the next level.

You are given the Reiki symbols and also taught how to send distant healing which can also be sent to heal the past, present & future

This very informative course is held over 1 day & you will be taught:

  1. The three sacred Reiki symbols and each of their specific functions
  2. How to use these symbols as a focus to enable you to strengthen mental & emotional healing
  3. How to use these symbols not only in your healing but also in your everyday life, around your home, on your food, and also to future events in your life i.e. interviews
  4. How to send absent healing over time and also space
  5. How to make a healing Mandala & also how to use it in your healing
  6. You will receive your Reiki II initiations which will also help you go through more transformations on your own healing pathway. You will also find that your own healing will develop a lot more
  7. You will also enjoy the beautiful Reiki II meditation which is special for this degree & has been passed down many generations
  8. You will also be taught the ethics of becoming a Reiki practitioner and help will be given with the setting up, insurances etc to help you with your own Reiki practice.

To book a place: https://lorrainetricksey.com/shop/workshopscourses/reiki-ii/ 

A certificate & manual are given for this workshop 

Once you have started on your Reiki learning you can enrol on my Animal healing workshop to learn how to heal the animals or you may like to learn crystal healing at my beginners crystal healing workshop


 Reiki III Masters Degree Healing Workshop

Saturday 5th May 2018

10.30 to 4.30pm

 cost £300

To learn the Reiki Masters Degree with me you will need to have either attended my Reiki Workshops or have some of my Reiki shares. If you would like to book a place on this Workshop please contact me to make arrangements.  During this time I will work with you to make sure you are ready to take on the responsibility that being a Reiki Master brings with it. Once you have covered all the teachings and are confident with the Reiki energy & your healings, I will be more than happy to take you on to your next level to become a Reiki Master.

  1. You will find that by the time you have taken your masters you would have undertaken a huge transformation in your own life
  2. You will receive another initiation into the Masters degree
  3. You will be given the Masters symbol which completes the sacred Reiki symbols and also how to use it
  4. You will be shown how to be a true Reiki Master (the Master of the sacred art) and not only to incorporate Reiki into your life but also to live it - applying it in all that you do wisely.
  5. You will be taught a totally new way of self healing working with ancient symbols and meditation, a sacred way traditionally taught to only a few.

A certificate & manual are also given.

To book: https://lorrainetricksey.com/shop/workshopscourses/reiki-masters-healing-degree-workshop/

I also offer on going support for anyone who learns Reiki with me 


Monthly Reiki Share Group


This monthly Reiki Share is held on the first Tuesday of each month 


Tuesday 1st May 2018

Tuesday 5th June 2018

Tuesday 3rd July 2018

Tuesday 7th August 2018

Tuesday 4th September 2018

Tuesday 2nd October 2018

Tuesday 6th November 2018


cost £15 per session 

all places need to be booked and pre-paid in advance


  • You will be taught various healing meditations which will not only heal yourselves but also those you use them on
  • Questions & answer time - please use this time to get the answers you often need only too often we have various experiences that we are unsure about or even questions on the way we send healing. This is a very valuable time so please take full use of it. I am here to help you.
  • Practice your healing especially if you don't get much opportunity. With the natural law of effect the more we use the healing energy the more you will attract people who need it to you. I will teach you not only how to heal from a healing bed but also how to send healing and use the healing in an ordinary chair etc.,
  • You will gain the confidence you require to run your own practice or even just to work on your friends/family/animals/plants etc.,
  • You will not only give healing but also receive healings if you so wish

 Animal Healing & Communication Workshop

Saturday 21st April 2018

10.30 to 4.30

Cost £85

As well as working as a Medium & healer I have lived around, worked, healed & studied animals all of my life & have a lot of respect for them. Some of my experiences have been great & others eventful. They always say you can never guarantee how things will go when you work with animals & children which is extremely true which is also what makes this workshop very good fun & both of these are my natural passion.

Animals instinctively know how they feel - when a dog has a tummy upset, it will not eat for 24 sometimes, 48 hours until the germ has passed. When animals know their time is up they often go away from the home, often out into the cold night & hide ready to die. If only us as humans followed our animals friends & lived by our instincts which we are more than capable of doing we would have much easier lives. The use of antibiotics (although sometimes are very much needed) could easily be reduced.

I have designed this animal healing & communication workshop to help those who are closely connected with animals, whether purely just the love of them or working with them & living with them in their daily lives, to help them with the healing of animals.

You would have needed to have taken Reiki I level to be able to attend this workshop. If you need to learn this please let me know but if you are interested in animal communication & healing you will gain greatly from the experiences of learning Reiki and also crystal healing.

We will be covering many things such as animal communication & healing and the different chakras (energy centres on an animal's body), how to heal and when, how often, following colour, the safety of healing animals, how to heal dangerous animals, dealing with an animals surroundings & diet which is very important.

Very importantly we will be learning animal communication & behaviour which will also help with people behaviour & healing of different problems.

We will be touching on different herbs which may be great for animal's wellbeing.

Various crystals & the way they should be used for animals & also which ones to use.

Keeping records which is so important

Dealing with owners

And lots, lots more, this is a fun but also educational workshop & you will also be encouraged to do healing on various animals.

You will definitely see how the healing works on animals before your eyes.

Animals are really receptive to Reiki healing. This workshop is to teach you how to give healing to the animal kingdom. Animals so easily give us unconditional love, they do not question and also accept the healing far more than people. This workshop will teach you the protocol; the safety aspect involved in healing animals both, big and small, tame & dangerous, and will also teach you how to look at the animals home & surroundings. We will cover the chakras of the animal & their aura to release any blockages that prevent the energy flowing freely which in turn will affect the animal's health & happiness. You will also be taught how to tune into the animals feelings. This is also a practical workshop so you will be giving healing to animals during the day. We will be using Reiki healing & also shown how to use crystals for animal healing.  

This is always a really enjoyable & lovely day.

"They always say never work with children or animals so expect the unexpected on this day???"

a certificate & manual are given 

To book: https://lorrainetricksey.com/shop/workshopscourses/animal-healing-communication-workshop/

Creating your herbal healing garden a place for meditation, healing & crafting

Herbal Wisdom Workshop

Saturday 12th May 2018

10.30am to 4.30pm

Cost: £75 to include materials 

"A garden must be prepared in the soul first or else it will not flourish"

The aim of this workshop is to help you create a herbal healing garden a place for healing, gatherings, crafting and meditating a beautiful place for yourself, family, friends, animals to gather a place to connect with different energies and Mother Earth and her gifts, a place where knowledge can be shared and respected, a place to handcraft medicine and spiritual tools, to heal the sick and grow food and medicine to maintain balance, a place to ground heal and centre, a sacred place of peace and harmony. A garden/patio/border/alter to give something back to Mother Earth a place of sacred healing and tranquility. 

During this workshop I will be teaching:


  • To understand & connect with the energy of your herbal garden/area & create a sacred space. 
  • Understanding sacredness & the old ways, by connecting back to ancient wisdom and the cycle of Mother Nature, which has been relatively lost over the years, we can learn so much. Old ways should be remembered and passed down as they teach us so much. 
  • Connecting with the 4 directions, the elements & their effects on our herbal gardens
  • Choosing a suitable area 
  • Understanding your garden's soil
  • Composting
  • Planning & creating your own healing herbal garden, working with the directions & elements
  • Growing your healing herbs, sewing seeds, potting on, dividing, cutting back, feeding etc.,
  • Herbal crafting 
  • Herbal healing & meditation


This is the main workshop to attend as it forms the basis for my other herbal workshops.  What I teach on this day will carry through to the others.

To book: https://lorrainetricksey.com/shop/workshopscourses/create-your-own-healing-herbal-garden-a-place-for-healing-gathering-crafting-meditating/


Learn to make your own Smudge Sticks, Herbal Smudge Feathers, Incense & Prayer Ties

Saturday 2nd June 2018

10.30am to 4.30pm

Cost: £83 to include all materials

9c) Handcraft Herbal Smudge Sticks, Incense & Smudge Feathers

We will be crafting with herbs I have grown from seed, with intent for their purpose and healing, together with wild foragings from local, good energy places.

Weather permitting, some of the day will be working amongst the herbs and flowers, in the quiet, meditation and healing part of our garden.

The energy in our homes can affect our health and happiness

Smudging is the burning of sacred herbs, woods or resins to purify and cleanse the energies in our homes. How many times have you entered a home or area and suddenly felt sad, angry or extremely tired when you didn't before. This is sensing the negative/stagnant energy of the place. Maybe someone has been depressed, arguing, ill or overworked in there. As we clean our homes, it is equally important to cleanse the energy of our homes, workplaces, our auric field and our animals'. This workshop is designed to help you craft your own personal, different varieties of smudge sticks, incense, smudge fans and prayer ties and the correct way of using them. However, it is designed to take you a step further in connecting with the energy of the herbs that choose you.

What you can expect to experience:

• Beautiful guided meditation to connect with the energies of the garden herbs.

• Learn the spiritual energies of the plants, which ones call to you and why.

• Native American smudging traditions to enhance energy clearing, blessings and protection

• How to make the most with the herbs from your own gardens

• How to craft different types of herbal smudge sticks, incense, smudging fans and prayer ties

• Smudging ritual

• How to smudge yourself, your home, workplaces, crystals and spiritual tools and your herbal garden,

• Different life changing events and the times to smudge

• How to smudge during a healing session

• Ethical ways of harvesting and how to dry herbs and retain colour and oils

• What makes smudging so powerful?

• Craft your own smudge fan to use when smudging

• Craft herbal prayer ties to aid the release in your own personal healing process and how to use them.

• My handcrafted healing flower sprays will be available to purchase

My spiritual practice is run on the edge of the New Forest and neighbouring old towns of Wimborne, Cranborne and Ringwood. They are all steeped with wise, old ways, traditions, folklore and country ways.
I have worked spiritually for many years and strongly believe in the healing properties of the wise old ways, working with universal energies, crystals, herbs and healing. I have used them extensively in my own life, work and for animals and will be sharing some of this knowledge with you on this workshop.

Being a Medium, Healer (DHWSA), Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, I do 1-2-1 readings & healings & teach different spiritual workshops. Such as all levels of Reiki, Crystal Healing, Animal Healing and Communication, weekly Meditation /Development Circles, Beginners Tarot & Palmistry courses and various Herbal Wisdom Workshops.

Cost: £83 to include all materials required and light refreshments.
(Payable in instalments if required). A £35 deposit (non refundable) is required to book your place.

If you would like to make it into a relaxing weekend break there is local accommodation available:
Shepherds Huts at the quaint country inn Druscillas, Wigbeth, Horton, Wimborne, BH21 7JH
The Long House, a quaint 500 year old thatched cottage, in the hamlet of Mannington, Dorset

We are on the edge of the New Forest, the old historic towns of Wimborne, Ringwood and Cranbourne and 20 minutes from the beautiful beaches in Bournemouth and 10 minutes away from the historic remains of Knowlton Church with the beautiful Yew trees.

Facebook page: Lorraine Tricksey - Medium, Healer & Spiritual Teacher please view if you would like to be kept up to date with further workshops and events.

All products made can be taken home after the workshop.
To book a place on this handcraft herbal smudge sticks, incense & smudge feathers workshop please add to your shopping cart.

To book: https://lorrainetricksey.com/shop/workshopscourses/handcraft-herbal-smudge-sticks-incense-smudge-feathers/

Moon Gardening & inviting in the Fae 

2018 dates available shortly

10.30am to 3pm

Cost: £50 all materials are provided

During this workshop we will be looking at Moon gardening and the Lunar phases and how it can enhance your work with healing herbs.

How the astrological signs of the zodiac can have a strong influence

How do healing herbs work?

How to attract the fae into our healing gardens as they love to help. Can also play games, but bring a lovely energy to a herb garden

We will be crafting incense to attract the fae

Days of the week influences with the herbs

We will be crafting herbal dream catchers during this workshop



Beginners Tarot Workshop

I teach this as an attended course or also as an online course 

This is being held over a weekend. 

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th May 2018

10am to 5pm 

Cost £210 this includes a manual 

This workshop is to teach the art of reading the tarot. I like to explain the cards fully which when understood makes reading the cards fun and easy. I also help you to read them intuitively. This will enable you to ready for yourself, family, friends. You will be taught how to sort the cards for a reading and the etiquette of tarot reading, many different spreads, sorting your cards, what the various imagery, colours etc mean in the ancient tarot cards. By the end of the course you will be able to do a full tarot reading. You will also be invited to join my monthly tarot shares to practice and learn more about tarot reading.

I also hold weekly meditation/spiritual development circles to develop your psychic abilities and help your tarot readings.

This is a really interesting but also fun workshop

To book:https://lorrainetricksey.com/shop/workshopscourses/beginners-tarot-reading-workshop/

 Beginners Palmistry Course 

 New date to be set shortly

(this workshop is held over 6 weeks) 


Whether you want to learn a little bit of palmistry to read your own, friends and family's palms or to work at a local charity bazaar or go even deeper and study the subject seriously and become a professional palmist this first course of mine will help you on your way.  I have not kept back any professional secrets but have tried to write it as simple but as full as possible to help you learn it easily.  I hope you enjoy your new pathway.

It is a good idea to take an imprint of your hand and keep it with your notes for reference and you will also see how it changes as you change your pathways.

Palmistry is a science that has been used and also neglected for many years and it can be very advantageous to anyone who takes the time to study it.  To ignore its wonderful signs is to shut your eyes to the advice and warnings which nature has given us.  The lines are constantly changing and show different things as we change in our lives.  They can indicate our past present and future lives and the past, present and future in this life and also shows health issues, ongoing and also what to look out for.

Many people scoff palmistry as being untrue and think it has no true meaning, but how many people judge an acquaintance by their face or expression or by the way they walk or talk or other outward visible signs.  We often know someone is upset or suffering from their face.  The palms are no less a true guide and in fact can be more accurate.  They can be a very valuable source of advice in private or business matters for those who care to study them.

                        This is a really interesting but also fun workshop


Study notes provided

If you would like to book a place on this workshop please contact me