Heal: to be restored to health, to repair by a natural process.

Lorraine is a natural healer, Reiki Master & teacher for both people & animals. She has lived & worked with animals all her life and has a natural understanding for them. She has worked on many animals from pigs, sheep, chickens to dogs, cats, parrots etc., She works on a one to one basis using her intuition and vast healing experience to help heal the physical or emotional issue, allowing for a deeper understanding of a problem and its cause to help heal. 

Lorraine is a natural complementary therapist and is not a substitute for medical or veterinary care & will always advice you to contact your local vet or doctor.

Reiki for pets & animals

A gentle & natural approach

Healing uses the universal energies, as a channel via the healer, to re-balance your animals chakra system & energies in the body to help kickstart the body to start to heal itself

works on the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual levels of animals

deepens the bond between humans & animals

complements both conventional & holistic medicine

can lessen the side effects of medicines & other procedures

can help maintain health on all levels

can help & support a dying animal & ease the transition at the end of its life

Is very helpful for any animal that has been in a shelter situation

induces deep relaxation & stress- reduction

Over time, reiki can reduce nervousness

Animal healing costs £40 per session, if I have to travel to you there will be an additional charge. This also includes distant healing for the animal for the following week or until the next session, should one be required. If you have a photograph of your animal it would be helpful to bring a copy along with you.