Treatments, Therapies & Therapists

All therapists are independent of The Healing Garden Centre and are covered under their own therapeutic insurances. Any medical or health advice is given under their own qualifications and is independent of the Centre, all therapies are complimentary to that of traditional orthodox health care and we would always recommend you seek doctors advice with any health conditions. Any changes to your medication and treatments should always be discussed with your doctor.


Readers & Readings

Information and views given by the readers are independent of the Centre. We try to maintain the highest standards of work at the Centre.  All readers will try to help empower you within your life, but you always have free will and personal responsibility for your own life and decisions. Mediums will provide evidence of survival after death any advice that comes from the spirit world is that advice which you as an individual must consider and decide for yourself what if any course of action you may choose to take. Mediumship is always an experiment and we cannot guarantee who will communicate and what will be said during a sitting. All people coming for sittings do so with an open mind and understand the role of the reading in providing them with information that they can use to make an informed choice about their life, accepting their own personal responsibility for their actions. If for any reason you are not satisfied or concerned by something done within a reading please contact the Centre immediately and we will endeavour to resolve any issues.



The opinions expressed by the tutors are based on their experience and are not necessarily those held by the Centre. Although we have an open attitude towards all aspects of mind, body & spirit and embrace all spiritual beliefs, individuals may have beliefs that are not necessarily upheld by the owners of the Centre.



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