Poultry Mania is hitting us fast and the hobby of keeping chickens & ducks is taking the nation by storm - it is now the fastest growing hobby. More & more people are beginning to not only keep chickens/ducks but also grow their own vegetables & herbs. People want to know where their food is coming from and they no longer want the chemicals that are being put into our foods. Once you have tasted eggs from your own chickens you will no longer want to buy shop brought ones. They have no flavour or colour.

Healthy hens lay healthy eggs and happy hens lay loads of eggs.

The poultry food we sell at the Healing Garden Centre is also chemical free, so unlike a lot of poultry feeds which use chemicals to make the eggs yellow the food we sell does it naturally.

The breeds of hens we sell at the Healing Garden Centre are lovely to look at but also great egg layers.  We do our own hatching and have many varieties of chicks & ducklings. We also sell hen and duck coups and a variety of runs, as well as their food, drinkers & feeders, grit & holders and we also have many novel china ducks/chickens and similar related items for sale in our shop. We also grow and sell many different herbs for animals and people. We sell different herbs which are very beneficial for your hens and ducks health and we would encourage you to grow them in or around the poultry runs so your hens/ducks can naturally forage them.

 We sell lovely point of lay hens - they start at £20 each depending on how many weeks old they are.

Bluebells, Sussex Stars, Speckledys, Shaver blacks, Warrens.

We rear our poultry as chemical free as possible

what they eat - you end up eating in their eggs

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 We also have female Cherry Valley ducks

for sale £25 each


Crazy Pom Pom ducks


 Welcome to our adorable crested ducks


Cherry Valley Ducks

The Cherry Valley Ducks are one of the best egg layers around. They are a docile duck which is also a non flyer as it is a domesticated duck and are easily tamed. We sell female ducks from ducklings through to point of lay. Male Cherry Valley Ducks are available on request. They lay a really great sized egg.

 We currently have these domesticated docile ducks for sale at £25 each


Traditional little brown hens


The warren hybrid is by far the best beginners chicken. They are a really docile, quiet bird and not  scatty or flighty. They are easily tamed. They are one of the best egg layers, laying a decent sized egg.

We have point of lay Warren hens for sale starting at £20 each

Sussex Stars

The Sussex Stars are another hybrid and are distinguished with a white body and black feathers forming a ring around the neck and tip of the tail. A prolific layer of around 250 light brown eggs per year, they are extremely docile and friendly. They look really good especially when they get to point of lay as their red crowns really compliment their white/black bodies. This is a really great looking hen.

We have point of lay Sussex Star hens for sale
starting at £20 each
The Bluebells are one of the newer hybrids now on the market and are loved because of their colourings. They are also a very friendly docile bird & also a prolific egg layer. Have proven very popular as owners can have one white chicken, one grey, & another brown so they can distinguish them calling them by their own names.


We have point of lay Bluebell hens for sale
starting at £20 each
Speckledys - starting at £20.00 each
Shaver Blacks  - starting at £20.00 each