This is a very popular workshop 

if you would like to book a place please e-mail me on              


Chicken Keeping Course - £25

If you would like to know the date of our next workshop please contact us - places do need to be booked in advance

to be held at

Horton Vale Nursery

Horton Road, Horton Heath, Wimborne, BH21 7JN

Tel: 07968015558 or

This is always a really fun course - but please beware chicken keeping is not only fun but also very contagious

During this course we will show you how to choose your coup/run etc

Where would be a good position in your garden to keep it

Choosing your chickens and also how many you can keep to the area you have available

How not to be sold someones old stock, vaccinations

The vital necessities you need in the design of your coup

we cover correct feeeding & also show you how to choose a good food as what you feed your birds you also end up eating in the eggs

egg laying/protocol on egg selling & testing an egg for freshness

illnesses & what to look out for & preventative measures

fox protection/rats

introducing new birds especially younger birds


plus lots lots more

You should leave here feeling very confident in keeping poultry.

We also have a vast stock of chicks/chickens/ducklings/ducks of all ages available should you wish to purchase any and also their houses/runs/drinkers/feeders/foods etc in fact everything you need to start you off or increase your present stock.